ChatGPT on Azure OpenAI Service: How Microsoft is helping companies adopt AI

Microsoft rolling out Azure OpenAI service with access to ChatGPT soon 

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Microsoft blazoned in January that it'll bring ChatGPT AI chatbot to Azure OpenAI service. Almost six weeks after the advertisement, the company has said that ChatGPT is available in exercise in. 

Azure OpenAI Service and it'll help inventors" introduce in new ways." 

With the vacuity, inventors and businesses will now be suitable to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT model into their own pall apps, which will help them to enable conversational AI in further apps and services. 



Guests can also enhance their being bots to handle unanticipated queries for briskly client support judgments . 

"With Azure OpenAI Service, over,1000 guests are applying the most advanced AI models including Dall- E 2, GPT-3.5, Codex, and other large language models backed by the unique super computing and enterprise capabilities of Azure," Microsoft said. 




ChatGPT on Azure price, vacuity 


Microsoft says that guests can begin using ChatGPT at a price of $0.002/,000 commemoratives. The billing for all ChatGPT operation will begin on March 13. 

Microsoft itself has colorful products that are powered by AI models from OpenAI. These products include GitHub Copilot, Power BI, Microsoft brigades Premium, Viva Deals, and Microsoft’s new Bing chatbot. 



Microsoft's' responsible approach to AI' 


With opening doors for inventors to make use of AI capabilities, Microsoft also reiterated that it's committed to making sure AI systems are developed responsibly. 



" We ’re formerly seeing the impact AI can haveon people and companies, helping ameliorate productivity, amplify creativity, and compound everyday tasks. We ’re committed to making sure AI systems are developed responsibly, that they work as intended, and are used in ways that people cantrust.Generative models, similar as ChatGPT or DALL- E image generation model, are models that induce new artefacts," the company said. 



What is coming for Microsoft 


Microsoft is holding an event on March 16 at 8 am PT(10.30 pm PST) where it's anticipated to advertise “ the future of work with AI ” and demonstrate how its ChatGPT- suchlike AI'll work in Office apps. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and head of Microsoft 365 Jared Spataro will be present at the event.



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